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FLUOR DAGLIG - Oral Health Protection Lozenges

FLUOR DAGLIG - Oral Health Protection Lozenges

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FLUOR DAGLIG, with extracts from benign ingredients, participates in the development of teeth, enamel, and dental enamel.

The product is scientifically researched, proven for its effectiveness, and safety. It is manufactured using advanced European technology, meeting FDA standards in the United States, and is recommended by reputable Norwegian community healthcare organizations. Compared to similar products, FLUOR DAGLIG consistently maintains a competitive edge.


1. Who Should Use FLUOR DAGLIG

FLUOR DAGLIG oral health lozenges are intended for the following groups:

- Children aged 3: Fluoride Daily is often recommended for children to help protect their primary teeth and developing permanent teeth from tooth decay.

- Individuals at high risk of tooth decay: People with a history of tooth decay or those with unhealthy eating habits may benefit from using Fluor Daglig to enhance tooth protection.

- Individuals with sensitive teeth: Fluoride can help reduce tooth sensitivity to acidic foods and drinks.

- Individuals with a history of cavities: If you have previously had cavities and have received treatment, your dentist may recommend using Fluor Daglig to prevent cavity recurrence.

- Individuals with tooth erosion: If you experience symptoms of tooth erosion (or teeth being easily damaged by acid), Fluor Daglig can help strengthen tooth enamel and prevent this condition.


2. Explore the benefits of FLUOR DAGLIG oral health lozenges:

Fluoride has several vital roles, such as participating in bone and ligament structure, stimulating collagen synthesis in the early stages of bone fracture recovery, and encouraging bone marrow cells to increase bone mass during osteoporosis treatment. Fluoride's outstanding role in the body is its involvement in the development of teeth, enamel formation, and dental enamel strengthening. It helps prevent tooth decay and fortify the teeth.

FLUOR DAGLIG is known as a top European fluoride supplement, with a specific and accurate fluoride content. It is researched and exclusively manufactured at a plant in Norway, ensuring the best oral health protection for your family.

   This product offers incredible benefits:

- Facilitates enamel formation, enamel regeneration, and the creation of a protective layer, strengthening the dental enamel covering the teeth securely.

- Supports the process of tooth mineralization to prevent enamel and dentin damage, leading to more robust and durable teeth.

- Limits the impact of harmful oral diseases.

- Simultaneously, it promotes noticeably whiter teeth, enhances dental aesthetics, and helps prevent bad breath, giving you fresher and more confident breath.


3. Effectively Using FLUOR DAGLIG

How to use FLUOR DAGLIG oral health lozenges:

Use once a day.
Take one lozenge at a time.
Allow it to dissolve slowly in your mouth or crush it and use it with a toothbrush as a toothpaste replacement.


In cases where you are undergoing medical treatment with prescription drugs from a doctor.
If you have any allergies or reactions to the ingredients in the lozenge, be sure to read the instructions carefully before use.

Notes and Storage:

Store in a dry, cool place, away from the reach of children.
This product is not a medication and is not intended to replace medicinal treatment for diseases.

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