• Innovative product development

    We only use the best ingredients that provide optimal effect.

  • More than 35 years of experience and 1500 products

    Long experience has led to more than 1500 products of high quality.

  • We cooperate with scientists and specialists

    All our products have been developed in cooperation with competent personnel.

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One of Norway´s largest manufacturers of natural medicine and health products

Welcome to Pharmatech. One of Norway's and Europe's most important developers and manufacturers of naturally produced health products based on the nature's unique possibilities.

In addition to our continuous work on innovation, testing and development of new products, we are an important partner to companies around the world. This applies to everything from innovation, development, research, testing, fabrication, packaging and logistics management.

Our professionals are handpicked to provide the highest quality services. A wide range of well-known products around the world originate with Pharmatech, which makes us proud.

  • SAFE Ingredients ArchivedEuropean standards

  • Staffing of Europe’sLeading DOCTORS

  • Established in 1987 forOver 30 years in the industry

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    Pharmatech will be the leading brand in the U.S., specializing in distributing genuine functional products imported from Northern Europe and long-term in Worldwide, helping American people access qualified products with world-leading standards.


    Helps each person and each U.S family be healthier, raises the health index according to European standards, as well as contributes to improving the National Happiness Index. We always put our Heart into our work first over everything.


    Devotion: Always upholding the value of community service, for a healthy society in general and American people in particular.
    Professionalism: Each individual always works professionally and is a part of building a professional, upright environment and organization.

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Reputation: For many years in the industry, we always value credibility, strictly fulfilling our commitment to quality.

Customer-centric: we consider customer satisfaction as the most important factor, constantly improving and enhancing service quality.

Top 3 leading pharmaceutical manufacturers in Europe -PHARMATECH (Norway) has just entered the U.S. market. Products are recognized to meet Norwegian food safety Standards, achieved ORGANIC DEBIO certification, FRIEND OF THE SEA certification, MSC certification, US FDA FOOD SAFETY certification, etc…